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Lice Removal Poconos is dedicated to getting you and your family lice and nit free, naturally, in one treatment, guaranteed! We will eliminate your family’s head lice in just one visit. We only use all natural products which will never harm your children or your home. We’ve treated over five thousand families in the Pocono Mountain area. We focus on providing the highest quality of care. Our lice removal services are quick, pain free and our prices are flat rate, never by the hour! We service all counties in the Poconos Mountains. Monroe County, Pike County, Lackawanna County, Wayne County, Luzerne County, Carbon County.

Our Proven Method

We understand the importance of using all-natural, pesticide-free, safe and effective lice removal products. After extensive research, we created a product, which does just that. Our Comb-Out Spray is a combination of an oil and enzyme, which together, act rapidly to dissolve and dehydrate nits and eradicate head lice.

How Does It Work?

Our nit removal and lice treatment services are always an affordable flat-rate and never by the hour. We believe that a flat rate takes the guessing out of how much a treatment will cost and allows the Lice Specialist to work in a thorough and meticulous manner without being pressured by the clock.

Why Choose Us?

We take pride in our work and believe in the services that we provide you with. We are dedicated to making sure that you and your family are completely satisfied and offer a 14 day guarantee after your lice treatment appointment.

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